Breed standards

Standards of breed "Maine Coon" according to the rules of the WCF

1. Body

From large to very large, muscular, long and wide, creates the impression of rectangularity. Neck of medium length with strong musculature; wide chest. Paws strong, medium length; pads paws with tufts of wool between the toes. The tail should at least reach the shoulder, broad at the base and tapering to the tip, with long flowing hair.

2. Head

Large massive skull, squared outwardly and with straight contours; cheekbones high, nose of medium length; The "box" is massive and square, with a noticeable transition to the forehead. The massive chin is flush with the upper jaw and nose. Curved profile.

3. The ears

Very large, high set ears, broad at the base and tapering to the top. To put almost vertical and high, the distance between the ears should be no more than the width of the ear at its base. Ear circumference extends beyond its outer edge. On the tips of the ears are desirable brushes.

4. Eyes

Large, oval, located far apart, slightly obliquely planted; the color of the eye should be uniform and harmonize with the overall color.

5. Wool

In short, on the head and shoulders, except the mane; noticeably extending to the back of the body, stomach and "pants". The dense undercoat, soft and gentle, is covered by a coarser outer cover. Dense, smoothly fitting to the body pubescence is waterproof, completely covers the back of the body, paws and the upper side of the tail. The abdomen and "pants" have only an undercoat. A lush mane is desirable, but not necessary.

6. Color

Colors of chocolate and cinnamon and, accordingly, their clarified variations (lilac and faun) are not accepted in any combinations (bicolors, tricolors, tabby). In addition, all types of point colors are prohibited. Any other colors are allowed and named in the General Color Guide.


The same length of wool throughout the body - a significant drawback, which even with a fine structure prohibits the title of CAC.

Scoring Scale

Body 35 points. Head 30 points. Color and texture of wool 25 points. Eye color 5 points. General view of 5 points.

Standards of breed "Maine Coon" according to the rules of the TICA

1. Head

The form. Wide, modified wedge, of medium size with a strongly rounded forehead and high convex cheekbones. Under the cheekbones should be felt a clear stop.

Eyes. Large, slightly oval, looking almost round when wide open. Widely delivered. Are slightly obliquely in relation to the outer edge of the ear. Color is any shade of green and / or gold, blue or disagreeable for white animals. There are no family relations between the color of the coat and the color of the eyes.

Ears. Large, tall, wide at the base. In relation to the head, a high and slightly outward inclined position is set. The distance between the ears should not be greater. Than the width of the base of the ear. The lower base is slightly further back than the upper one. Moderately pointed. Lynx brushes upright from the back of the ear. Ear pitting continues horizontally outside the outer border of the ear.

Chin. Straight, in line with the nose and upper lip.

Box. Square.

Profile. A gentle concave slope. A certain bulge is allowed at the end.

Neck. Medium length, with strong musculature.

2. The body

Housing. Large, long, rectangular, but not thin.

Paws. Medium proportions in relation to the body with strong bones and musculature.

Feet. Large, roundish, with tufts of hair between the toes.

Tail. Wide at the base and pointed toward the tip, beautifully pubescent, with flowing hair, no less than the length of the body to the base of the tail.

The backbone. Powerful.

Musculature. Strong, strong.

3. Wool / Color / Drawing

Length. Uneven, shorter on the shoulders, gradually extending to the stomach and "pants". In front there is a long collar-mane around the neck, the stomach and pants are very shaggy. A full collar is not necessary, but it is desirable that it start from the base of the ears.

Texture. All-weather wool. The wool tightly adjoins the body, smoothly falling along the body. There is a light undercoat, but not cotton or wool-like.

Color. Traditional categories, all divisions, all colors. A white outline around the eyes, lips and chin is permissible, except for solid colors.

Important note

Cats are proportionally smaller than cats and can weigh 2-3 kg less. There must necessarily be an assumption for this significant difference in size. Adult cats can have larger and broader heads than cats.

The Penalty

Sharply expressed whiskers. Outstanding chin. Failure or strong bulge at the end of the nose. Insufficient number of undercoat. Uniform cracks, medallions or spots. Straight profile. Widely placed or collapsed ears. Long, thin legs. Deeply almond-shaped eyes. Flat edge of the upper eyelid, when the eye is wide open. Not enough "shaggy" belly. Short tail. Round head. The wool is the same length throughout the body. Short, stocky body. Light bones. Small size of the animal as a whole.

Scoring Scale

HEAD 37 points: Form 12. Eyes 5. Ears 10. Box and chin 5. Profile 3. Neck 2.

BODY 38 points: Body 10. Paws 10. Tail 10. Backbone 5. Musculature 3.

WOOL / COLOR / FIGURE 25 points: Length 10. Texture 10. Color 5.

The Maine Coon standards according to the FIFe rules

1. Body

The constitution of cats and cats of this breed is large, a head with a square line and large ears. The neck of cats and cats breed Maine Coon muscular and strong. The body of cats and cats is rectangular muscular, strong and long with a broad thorax, the skeleton is massive, the tail is long streaming. The sensation of strength and power creates density and a good muscle tone.

2. Head

The shape of the head of cats and Maine Coon cats is of medium size with square lines, a profile with a slightly concave transition and a softly rounded forehead. Cheeks are convex and high. The muzzle has a square line, with a nose and a face of medium length. Between the muzzle and cheekbones there must be a correct and precise transition. On the vertical line of the upper lip and nose is a strong chin.

3. Eyes

On the muzzle are widely placed large, slightly oval eyes, when they are wide open, they seem round. The eyes are slightly inclined. Maine Coon's eyes can have any color. There is no relationship between the color of the coat and the eyes. It is desirable if the eye color is clear.

4. Ears

Wide at the base, large, slightly pointed with yellowish tassels. The outer edge of the Maine Coon's ears is the tufts of wool that are in the ears. Ears are located high on their head with a slight inclination to the outside. The distance that should be between the ears corresponds to the width of one ear. With age, between the ears the distance increases slightly.

5. Limbs and paws

The legs of cats and cats of this breed are of average length, very strong, together with the body they form a rectangle. Paws rounded, large, between the fingers there are tufts of wool.

6. The tail

The tail is equal to the length of their body - from the blades to the base of its tail. At the base of the tail it is wide, which narrows to its tip. On the tail, the wool is flowing and long.

7. Wool

The structure of Maine Coon wool is "all-weather", thick. On the head, shoulders and feet, the hair is short, which gradually lengthens to the bottom of the back and sides, with a fluffy belly and baggy, long and shaggy pants on the hind legs. There may also be a collar. Maine Coon's wool has a silky texture. Their undercoat is thin and soft, which is covered with smooth and coarse wool.

Maine Coon coloring can be of all color variations, with white color all variations of pictures are included. Such drawings as purple, chocolate, faun, point and cinnamon are excluded. The amount of white can be any - it's a white medallion, a white asterisk, a white collar, white on the abdomen, white on the legs, etc.