About cattery

What is a cattery? 

In felinology, the word "nursery" is understood as a community of pedigreed cats and cats for breeding and improving the quality of the breed. The purpose of breeding is the production of offspring of strong health, a positive temperament, an exterior corresponding to the current breed standard. Breeding is a serious and time-consuming task, requiring the breeder, in addition to the love of his pupils, knowledge of the breed standard and its characteristics. 

VIVAT COON * UA cattery is registered in the WCF felinology system and is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The owner of the cattery is a member of the FPK "Regina" in Kharkiv. Tribal work in the nursery is conducted in accordance with the standards of WCF. The main goal is to get large, healthy kittens - worthy representatives of the breed. 

All our pets are surrounded by boundless love and care, and are full members of our family. For us it is not acceptable to keep animals in cages and strictly limited spaces, so our cats have access to all rooms and take an active part in household affairs (which makes us very amused). Kittens of the kennel VIVAT COON * UA are also not isolated, and from an early age get used to communication and mutual understanding with other animals, as well as with humans. Much attention is paid to the health of pets - therefore, their diet consists of high-quality professional feed. Also our animals undergo routine check-ups from veterinarians and are vaccinated.

Maine Coon is the most interesting and unusual cat, admiring not only its size, power, fantastic beauty, but also amazing character, funny behavior, high intelligence. We really love our cats! Kittens of our cattery are caressed, everyone is surrounded by unlimited warmth and attention. And we are not indifferent to the fate of the children. Therefore, we want to find all kittens only caring, loving owners. Kittens Maine Coon of our cattery leave their first house at the age not earlier than 3 months with the complex of vaccinations, and by this time are completely socialized. When you buy a Maine Coon kitten in our cattery, you get a kitten's pedigree (metric), a veterinary passport, a maine coon sale agreement, and recommendations for caring for the animal. If you have chosen a Maine Coon kitten in our kennel or if you have any other questions, you can contact us by e-mail larisa69kh@gmail.com or by phone +38 (067) 418-69-46, +38 (050) 786-09 -57 (Larisa).